It’s no secret that some of the hottest beauty trends in recent years have emerged from Asia. Add straight eyebrows to the growing list!

Thick eyebrows without an arch are all the rage, and they’re easy to do at home. Read on to learn why fuller eyebrows are so popular, and to see how to give yourself Korean brows.

Why Straight Brows are All the Rage

Straight eyebrows aren’t just trendy. They’re also flattering. Also called Korean eyebrows, this trend swept through Korea before making its way to the U.S. And it’s easy to see why this look is so popular across two continents!

  • Simple – Straight eyebrows are easy to because of their simple shape. You don’t need to guess at where to put a high arch!
  • Youthful – Straight brows look fuller and thicker. Young people tend to have bushy eyebrows, so this look may give you a more youthful appearance.
  • Natural – These brows pair well with minimal makeup because they don’t look too flashy. In fact, people may mistake this look for a natural brow.1

If you want a more youthful look or a natural way to highlight your features, straight eyebrows are for you. Try your hand at a Korean straight eyebrow and fall in love with your new look!

Who Looks Best with Korean Eyebrows?

Your eyes and eyebrows play a big role in flattering your face shape – or not. Some looks aren’t for everyone, and some people benefit more from these brows than others. Before you say goodbye to a high arch, consider whether these brows will compliment your features.

straight eyebrows | One Two CosmeticsSquare-Shaped Faces

People with square faces look great with straight eyebrows. This is because bushy brows without an arch can make your face look shorter.

Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have a heart-shaped face, don’t go 100 percent straight. A slight arch, or toned-down, natural eyebrows, can flatter by de-emphasizing the forehead and softening the chin.

Oval-Shaped Faces

An oval face pairs well with any kind of eyebrows. If you have an oval face, you can try out straight eyebrows, or any other eyebrow style for a flattering, natural look.2

If you’re still not sure whether you want straight eyebrows, try them out temporarily using an eye pencil. These bushy brows are easy to do. If you don’t get them right, just wash off your makeup and have another go!

How to Get Straight Eyebrows with Makeup

Now, the best thing about straight eyebrows is that you can toss out the wax. Korean eyebrows don’t need waxing, and they need minimal plucking and tweezing. You can give your brows a break!

  1. Brush your eyebrow hair down.
  2. Using an eyebrow pencil, draw a straight line from the bottom inside corner of your eyebrow to the bottom outside corner. Fill in the gap under your natural arch with a light hand.
  3. Brush your brow hair up.
  4. Draw another straight line connecting the edge of your brow to the highest part of your arch. Your eyebrow pencil lines should look like a greater-than and less-than sign, with the open parts pointed toward your nose.
  5. Fill in any gaps or light-colored spots with your brow pencil.
  6. Lightly fill in the rest of the space between your straight lines with your brow pencil. The key to a natural brow look is to use a light shade of brow pencil, especially on the inner parts of your eyebrow.
  7. Stay away from brow highlighters. You don’t want to highlight your brow arch.3

Note: You’re going for straight brows, but that doesn’t mean your brow line needs to be perfectly straight. You can shape your eyebrows with a minimal arch and still achieve this look. Experiment to see what looks best on you.

straight eyebrows | One Two Cosmetics

Permanent Straight Eyebrows: Shaving and Trimming

If you’ve created thick eyebrows with makeup and you like the look, the next step is to shape your eyebrows more long-term.

  • If you shave the downward-facing hairs at the tail end of your eyebrows, you can get a permanent, straighter look. The key to this method is to use a light touch. Shave off too much, and your brows will look unnatural.
  • Brush your eyebrow hair downward. A few longer pieces may dip below the browline. Trimming these hairs will help you achieve the straight brow look.
  • Unless you have natural, thick eyebrows, you’ll need to fill in any gaps with a brow pencil. Otherwise, you won’t have the bushy eyebrows that are key to this look.4

While these steps can give you more dramatic straight eyebrows, you don’t need to pluck anything. If you’re still unsure about trying straight brows, consult a pro. A professional makeup artist can give you tips to help make your brows look straight and sleek!

Rocking the Straight Brow Look

Korean eyebrows are sweeping America because the look is simple and flattering. Why not experiment and see if you can pull this natural looking brow off? Try using an eyebrow pencil to shape your eyebrows. Give yourself the straight eyebrow look for a big, but temporary, change to your appearance.

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