Like many Korean beauty trends, straight brows are taking the world by storm. Unlike the perfectly arched brow seen on many American and British women, Koreans are in love with the straight brow.

And, these brows aren’t just trending, they’re actually very flattering.

Want to know more about the straight brow trend? Read on for a definitive guide covering brow hair and face characteristics, as well as a tutorial to help you rock the straight brow look.

What Causes Straight Eyebrows?

Like every hair on your body, you can’t decide how it grows. Just as some people have curly hair and some have straight; some women have naturally straight brows, while others have a slight curve or arch.

Of course, the way you’re shaping and sculpting your natural eyebrows plays a big part in how they look.

Women have been carefully plucking, threading, and sculpting their brows into varying shapes for centuries.

But age also plays a part. Many tweens and teens have much straighter, fuller brows – mostly because they haven’t started to sculpt them yet. Korean straight brows look very much like a natural, untouched brow. So, copying this look might bring a youthfulness to your face.

Which Face Shape Does Korean Straight Brows Suit?

Just as with haircuts, your face shape plays a big role in determining what style of brow may best suit you. Let’s take a look at some common face shapes and the brows that are generally most flattering for each.

Oval-Shaped Faces

straight eyebrows | One Two CosmeticsA long or oval-shaped face often pairs well with a soft, angled brow. However, a straight brow can also be a great choice, as it can make a long face appear shorter.

Square-Shaped Faces

Those with square faces look great with a softer, rounder brow that works against the “angles” of the square shape. If your face is more rectangular (a long square), straighter, bushy brows can help to make your face appear shorter and more balanced.

Heart-Shaped Faces

If you have a heart-shaped face, a slight natural arch can flatter your face by pulling focus away from the forehead. Opt for a soft, low-arched or rounded brow that plays into the angular bone structure of your heart-shaped face.

Round-Shaped Faces

A round face requires a few more angles to play against that perfectly rounded shape. So, sharp brows are often flattering. They give the brows a lift, adding more definition to the face.1
However, when all is said and done, you can easily play around with straight brows at home, and ultimately decide for yourself.

Here’s how…

Achieve Straight Brows With Makeup: A Tutorial

To create straight Korean brows you don’t want to pluck, tweeze, wax, trim, shave, or do anything that involves eyebrow hair removal. Straight brows are all about more hair.

That’s why straight brows should be created with makeup. You want to start with what you already have and then enhance it by filling it in and creating a straighter shape.

Let’s take a look at the steps:

  1. Pick an eyebrow pencil that’s a touch lighter than your natural brow hair color. You don’t want to create a heavy-handed “drawn-in” look. The color needs to be subtle. Korean brows are sometimes even lightened with brow concealer.
  2. straight brows | One Two CosmeticsStart by drawing a straight line from the bottom inside corner of your eyebrow to the bottom outside corner.
  3. Fill in any bald spots left under your arch with natural hair-like strokes.
  4. Next, draw another straight line on top of the brow to cancel out the highest point of the arch.
  5. Lightly fill in any gaps with your brow pencil.
  6. Make sure to draw over your own brows as well to help create a more blended, seamless look.
  7. Skip the highlighter. Instead, brush with a little brow gel. The aim is to keep your brows natural-looking.

Like all new makeup techniques, this may take a little practice at first. Don’t wait until you’re going out to a special event to try this for the first time. You can also chat with a makeup artist at your nearest beauty store for some expert tips.

Unshape Your Eyebrows

In reality, Korean straight brows are more than just a beauty trend. Because they’re really just bringing you back to the brows you probably started out with as a teen.

Once upon a time, the perfect brow was a heavily sculpted, pointed brow. But today, don’t be afraid to let those hairs grow a little more freely. Bushy equals youthful.

Korean makeup brands also have the beauty market cornered with products to better enhance your entire look. You can easily find a great variety of innovative Korean lipsticks, shadows, eyeliners, mascaras, and brow products at your local beauty supplier.

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