Have you ever wondered why, every time you go to the beach, you look so pink next to your friend’s golden, olive skin tone? Or perhaps you both have darker skin tones but some colors seem to suit your friend amazingly, and you … not so much.

You see, skin tone isn’t quite the same thing as skin color. But once you understand it, you’ll see that knowing your skin tone is a huge advantage when it comes to looking your best. For example, if you choose a hair color that flatters your skin tone, your whole look just pops!

Skin Undertones

Now, there are a few simple tests for figuring out skin undertones. But it’s important to note the difference between skin tones and skin undertones. Your skin tone may change with the seasons (darker in summer, lighter in winter), but your undertone never changes.

You will always have either a:

  • Cool undertone: Hints of blue, pink, or red are found in your complexion.
  • Warm undertone: Hints of yellow, gold, or peach are found in your complexion.
  • Neutral undertone: No obvious overtones of either. You may be a mix of both.

So, skin undertone is less about whether you have pale skin or dark skin, and more about the colors within your skin.

A quick note on olive skin tones:

A natural olive skin tone is a combination of a warm, golden undertone mixed with something that is very unique to olive skin – a greenish hue. Though it shouldn’t be confused with being neutral, somepeople with an olive skin tone do actually suit both cool and warm colors.

Testing For Your Skin Undertone

Skin Tones | JuveTressSometimes, skin tones feel obvious. Other times, you have no clue how to work it out. Thankfully, there are a few simple and timeless tests that are commonly used to determine skin undertone.

1. Study your Veins

Look at the veins on your wrist. Do they appear greener or bluer? Bluer veins indicate that you may have a cool undertone, while greener veins are often linked to warm skin tones. If it feels impossible to tell, you may have a neutral undertone.

2. Check Your Jewelry Box

Do you love to wear gold jewelry and hate the look of silver on you? This is a trait of warm undertones. But if silver is your thing, you’re probably a cool tone. Neutrals have the upper hand here, as they look great in both.

3. Consider the Sun

If you tan easily in the summer, this can be a valid indicator of a warm skin undertone. By contrast, those with pale skin that gets pink in the sun and burns easily, lean toward a cool undertone.

Note: There are exceptions to this – for example, dark skin may tan very easily, but it can still have a cool undertone.

The Best Hair Color For Cool Undertones

If you lean toward the cool spectrum, you should focus on blue, violet, and green undertones. For example, platinum blonde is considered to have a bluish undertone.

Speaking of blondes, cool-toned blondes look fantastic in shades of icy blonde, ashy blonde, and of course, white platinum blonde.

Brunettes should look at ashy brown, or a rich, dark brown. Jet black should also look amazing against your skin.

Red hair lovers have the freedom to try out almost any shade of red they like – just avoid anything too orange. You can pull off cinnamon, brick, light or dark auburn, ruby red, crimson, and even Poison Ivy’s famed scarlet hair.

In fact, cool skin can also pull off jewel-toned hair in actual shades of blue, green, and violet. You’ll want to avoid golden blondes, copper reds, caramels, golden brown, or anything with an orange or golden base.

The Best Hair Color For Warm Undertones

Now, those with warm undertones will want to look at hair colors with orange, yellow, or red undertones. Think in terms of golds, bronzes, and coppers.

If you’re looking toward a brown shade of hair, consider colors like rich chocolate browns, golden browns, or caramel browns.

Red Hair | JuveTressFor blondes, embrace caramel blonde, toffee blonde, rich, golden blonde, champagnes, or buttery blonde.

Spice up your hair with red in tones of rich auburn, cinnamon, copper, or burgundy.

Warm undertones should avoid “white” platinum and ash blonde colors or highlights. Also, stay away from ashy brown, jet black, or any color that has a blue, green, or violet undertone. These shades are best left to the cool-headed crew.

Skin Tones: The Best Hair Color For You

So, when looking for the best hair color for your skin tone, remember that having pale skin, dark skin, or an olive skin tone can be irrelevant. You need to focus instead on the colors within your skin – the blues and pinks, or the golds and peaches.

Skin tones are just a starting point for getting to know what looks great against your skin and finding your best hair color Everybody is unique, so you may not fit completely within a cool or warm category. Experiment a little with these things in mind, and you’re certain to find your colors!

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