As the founder of One Two Cosmetics, I get hundreds of questions about my personal beauty regimen… and I’m always happy to share my secrets in full. So, when women ask what’s in my makeup bag, they’re always surprised when I tell them…

There isn’t much! And no, that isn’t because I don’t need to “freshen up” from time to time — I definitely do. It’s because you don’t need a bunch of makeup to look good on the go…You just need the right makeup!

So here are my 6 makeup bag “must-haves” to look effortlessly beautiful… wherever you are.

#1: Pressed powder compact:

Keep a pressed powder compact on hand to absorb any unwanted shininess that might “sneak up” on you throughout the day. It “revives” your makeup, so your skin looks as even, silky, and smooth as it did when you first put it on.

And — if you have mature skin — be sure to use a lightweight, mineral-based formula. It’ll make your skin look even and smooth without settling into creases and fine lines.

#2: Roll-on under-eye concealer:

Touching up your concealer can really wake up your face, especially when you’re running on fumes. And roll-on formulas are a great “on-the-go” option because they aren’t messy and they’re very easy to use. Plus, the metal roller feels cool on your skin, so it reduces puffiness.

So — to refresh your look — roll a little concealer under your eyes and tap the area with your middle finger to blend it in. It takes a matter of seconds, and you’ll instantly look more rested and alert.

#3: A 2-in-1 lip and cheek stain:

Adding a touch of color to your lips and cheeks can really liven up your look.

So — to avoid cramming lipstick, blush, and a bulky brush into your makeup bag — opt for a creamy “2-in-1” formula that can be used on your lips and your cheeks. Just dab a little on the apples of your cheeks and blend the color in with your fingers. Then, swipe some on your lips and throw it back in your bag.

It’s amazing how one product can create such a gorgeous, rosy glow.

Lip Goss#4: Lip-plumping gloss:

Lipgloss (especially ones with plumping agents in them) will make your lips look full and sexy without spending hours in front of the mirror. In fact — with some practice — you probably won’t even need a mirror to apply this makeup bag classic… you just swipe it on and you’re good to go.

And be sure to choose a light translucent shade with just a hint of pink (it works well with any lip color).

#5: Pencil eyeliner:

This beauty “basic” takes up barely any space and can make an enormous impact on your look. So, if you want to make your eyes look a little more defined — and have a minute to spare —  you can simply retrace your liner. It makes such a difference!

And, because it’s nice to have options, carry a dark brown color for day… and black for night.

#6: One Two Lash:

One Two Lashes can completely transform your look in seconds…

Which is why it’s great to have your Original Lash and Bold Lash on hand. For example, I might wear my Original Lashes for a business meeting… then swap them out for my Bold Lashes to meet up with friends at night — for a little extra glamour 😉

So, there you have it: My (surprisingly minimal) makeup bag musts.

After all, you never know what life is going to throw at you… so it’s good to be prepared.


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