The World’s First Full-Coverage Magnetic Lash

You’re probably wondering how to apply the Advanced One Two Lash® — after all, our new design is unlike anything you’ve ever seen or used before. So we’ve created these instructions to show you just how easy it is get glamorous lashes in seconds.



Applying By Hand

1/Place TOP lash strip on top of your natural lashes, and hold its outer edge snugly against the outer corner of your natural lash line.

2/ With your free hand, bring the BOTTOM lash strip underneath your natural lashes so it lines up with the outer edge of the top strip. Their magnets will instantly fasten together, securing your natural lashes in between the two strips.

3/ Use your free hand to bring the second BOTTOM lash strip underneath your natural lashes so it connects to the inner edge of the long lash strip. Now, both corners are secure.


Applying With The Applicator

1/ Hold the applicator horizontally and connect each end of the TOP lash strip to the two metal bars on the upper prong.

2/ Connect the two BOTTOM lashes strips to the two metal bars on the lower prong.

Note: All three lash strips should curve upwards.

3/ Hold your applicator so the prong with the TOP lash strip hovers above your upper lash line and the prong with the BOTTOM strip is underneath.

4/ Press prongs together to connect the magnetic strips (they will instantly fasten around your eyelashes), and then quickly release and remove applicator. Now, your lashes are secure.


Use your thumb and index finder to slide magnetic strips apart.

Try to avoid pulling the lashes straight off, as this may alter the shape and look of the lashes.


If you still have questions about applying or caring for your One Two Lash®, or just want some more helpful tips… don’t be shy! Shoot us an email and one of our Lash Experts will get back to you as soon as possible. [email protected]