Everyone wants radiant, healthy skin. And many of us will go to great lengths (and expense) to achieve it.

But did you know that one of the best tricks for healthy skin is absolutely free?! What is this magical potion?


True story – the secret to enviable, glowing, healthy skin all begins with a healthy body.

Regular exercise doesn’t just make your body feel and look great, and it’s not just great for your mind. It also offers many healthy skin benefits. So, let’s take a closer look…

Exercise for Healthy Skin: What Happens When You Work Out?

When it comes to your skin during exercise, your first thought might be of your red, sweaty face as you run on that treadmill or push yourself on that elliptical machine. Not exactly selfie-worthy, right? But underneath all that, your skin cells are actually getting nourished.

When you exercise, you start to sweat, which helps moderate your body temperature so you don’t overheat.1

Meanwhile, blood flow increases through your blood vessels and up to your skin’s surface. That’s why you get all flushed and rosy-colored. This blood flow also helps you cool down, and it provides a host of fresh oxygen and nutrients to your skin.2

The Skin Benefits of Regular Exercise

So, how do regular exercise and increased blood flow benefit your skin? What skin care wonders can you expect?

Here are five incredible benefits of regular exercise for your skin.

1. Glowing, Younger-Looking Skin

healthy Skin | One Two CosmeticsAn increased heart rate means that oxygen and nutrient-rich blood flow is storming through your blood vessels and into your pores and skin.

So, the best way to boost those healthy skin cells is with high-intensity, sweaty activities – think running, total body classes, cycling, jumping rope, boxing, and strength training.

Don’t worry if you feel flushed at the moment. Once the redness subsides, that exercise after-glow can really last, especially if you’re exercising regularly throughout the week.

2. Skin Care Through Sleep Quality

Better sleep quality is a long-held trick to healthy, younger-looking skin. And, exercise is the key to getting better sleep.

You see, many people suffer from insomnia due to high levels of cortisol in their body. Cortisol is the stress hormone that can easily be brought out by work stress and trying to keep up with a busy lifestyle. And, it can really mess with your sleep.3

When you don’t sleep well, you’ll look tired. And looking tired does not equate to younger-looking skin – in fact, quite the opposite! But exercise is super effective at releasing cortisol from your body.4

3. Removing Toxins: Stress and Anxiety

Mood swings and stress can really affect your skin health, leaving it dull and dry, and making you look much older. But exercise has proven itself as the king of stress-busting.5

Now, it’s not just high-intensity training that can help your skin cells. Low-intensity activities can also bring out glowing, healthy skin.

healthy Skin | One Two CosmeticsCortisol, as you now know, can lead to tired, dull skin due to lack of sleep. But, it can also:

  • Increase oil production within your pores, leading to breakouts
  • Play havoc with your skin’s protective barrier, depleting skin’s moisture and allowing toxins and bacteria easy access
  • Worsen the symptoms of dry, itchy skin disorders6

So, activities that focus on de-stressing your body and mind, like yoga and meditation, might actually help you to achieve healthy skin.

4. Sweating for Skin Health

Sweating isn’t particularly attractive, but working up a good sweat is actually great for your skin. You see, sweat contains a natural antibiotic that helps to keep certain bacteria on your skin from getting out of line. Think of it as a regular steam-clean for your skin!7

Some people believe sweat will clog their pores, leading to breakouts. But sweat and the bacteria that feed on it may actually help to improve skin health. In fact, according to a new study, sweat-eating bacteria may someday be used to help ease breakouts and other skin issues.8

5. Self-Confidence Skin Care

healthy Skin | One Two CosmeticsNothing makes your skin take on a younger-looking glow than a good dose of self-confidence. And, when you take good care of your body, you’ll likely experience a boost in self-esteem, too.

As it turns out, exercise may also improve your stature. Exercises which stretch and strengthen your back can help correct bad posture. And having a strong posture, standing tall (literally), helps promote self-confidence.

Try it yourself: have a good slouch, and then stand tall, right where you are now. Which position makes you feel more confident?

Healthy Skin – Get That Blood Flowing!

Though there are a ton of amazing skin care products that can help to achieve healthy skin, there really is no substitute for achieving healthy skin from the inside out.

Your blood vessels are trained by your heart to carry healthy blood all around your body, bringing nutrient-rich blood to every corner – including your skin. This gives you a stunning glow.

Bottom Line: A healthy body and a healthy diet are the greatest things for promoting health and ridding toxins from the body. And, a healthy body equals healthy skin. So, make regular exercise a big part of your skin care routine.

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