If you keep a careful watch on the top runways of the world, you’ll get a sneak peek at exactly what’s trending for the season. Now, granted, some of it can be a little extreme – 24-carat gold leaf encrusted eyelids, pink mohawks, and a top made out of beanie babies aren’t looks that many people can pull off. But these eight fall makeup and beauty trends are hip and fun, while still being genuinely “wearable.” Best of all? You don’t have to be a runway model to rock these looks!

Fall Makeup | One Two Cosmetics1. Flaming Red Hair

Hair has gone all “Uma Thurman Poison Ivy” this season – bright, neon, red hair dye is in. Of course, if that’s all a little too “Ronald McDonald” for your liking, you can tone it down and still make a fiery impact with a hairstyle in tones of rust, copper, or auburn.

How do you know which red will best suit your complexion? Generally speaking, ginger shades look best on fairer, cooler skin tones; auburn is good for both fair and medium tones; and that fluorescent red that’s so hot right now? It seems to work best on medium to darker skin tones with yellowish undertones. But ultimately, follow your creative inspiration, and have fun sporting a new hair color this fall.

2. Rainbow Bright Eyes

Fall Makeup | One Two CosmeticsBored with those black cat eyes? Well, you’re going to love this year’s fall makeup, because the trend is all about lining your eyes in the brightest of colors. Think big, purple-winged cat eyes, marigold-rimmed peepers, and even multi-colored eye lines. Or you can just turn to bright shades of shadow instead, in colors like pink, orange, or green.

If you really want to complete your look, vibrant, colored tights are also back this season. This time it’s all about the sheer look, rather than opaque. Inject a little color into a monochromatic look, purposefully clash colors to make a statement, and if you really want to go all out, coordinate your bright tights with your new, bright eyeliner or shadow.

Fall Makeup | One Two Cosmetics3. The Future is Now

The future has arrived this fall, and it’s all scene-stealing, shimmery silver and trippy, holographic, iridescent colors that change hues in the light. For inspiration, look to sparkling silver headwear and accessories; multi-colored “oil slick” shadows; and metallic lips.

Fashion-wise, you can also look to disco-ball silver dresses or holographic skirts that trick the eye.

4. Red Lipstick

Fall Makeup | One Two CosmeticsIf there’s an all-weather staple that’s adored by many, it’s the glamour and sophistication of a timeless Hollywood-red lip. And in makeup trends this fall, red lipstick is headlining in a big way.

Never be afraid to rock a pair of red lips – there’s a shade of red lipstick to suit everybody, from rusty brick-tones to blood red clarets. Red lips are also the perfect way to lend a little “oomph” to a basic monochromatic look, or for a quick pick-me-up when you have to dash out of the house completely undone.

Fall Makeup | One Two Cosmetics5. Braids, Braids, Braids!

This fall’s hairstyles are all about braids – from cornrows, to long, waist-grazing plaits, to girly braids finished off with oversized ribbons. You can even incorporate them into a stylish updo hairstyle. If your hair is on the shorter side, grab some hair extensions and experiment with some lengthier braids to change up your look.

The “prairie cowgirl” look is also in this season…think Laura Ingalls Wilder meets Clint Eastwood in pretty, prairie-style floral dresses and eye-catching cowboy boots of all sizes – from vinyl thigh-highs, to short and sharp-toed. It’s a perfect fashion compliment to your braided hair.

Fall Makeup | One Two Cosmetics6. Pretty in Pink

A dusting of rose, coral, or blush pink may not be for everyone, but it’s currently everywhere in fall makeup trends – from eyeshadows to blush to the prettiest pouts. If you generally find pink a little too “girly girl” for your tastes, perhaps it’s time to reconsider. Pair a dusting of salmon shadow with a dramatic cat eye and a matching pink lipstick, and you’ll look on trend without losing your street cred.

Fall Makeup | One Two Cosmetics7. Big Hair Accessories

In the 1980s, overstyled hair accessories were all the rage. And this fall, a lot of the 80s trends are returning, so it’s no wonder that these large accessories are back, too. They’ve also taken on that futuristic vibe – think thick, shiny leather or shimmery metallic headbands, large sparkly hair clips and scrunchies, and even those “forgettable” claw clips in every shade of metal.

Speaking of 80s favorites, guess what else is back? Stirrup tights, huge shoulders, oversized bomber jackets, neon animal prints, prom dresses (the kind you swore you’d never be caught in again), and hot pink everything.

8. Huge Bags

Fall Makeup | One Two CosmeticsOh, thank goodness! After a long summer of trying to stuff your entire life into a dainty handbag, fall brings you the colossal handbag. Which means you can fit your entire fall makeup bag in there – with plenty of room to spare for accessories for your new, fashionable hairstyle. Because these bags aren’t just large – they’re humongous. Nowhere to stash your floor-length coat? Put it in your handbag!

Bags are also bright this season, so if you’re over classic tans and chestnuts, consider toting around a high-gloss black, yellow suede, or furry pink bag.

Fall Makeup Trends – Ready For a Change?

If you’re itching to change up your style after a long, hot summer, these eight fall makeup and beauty trends are a great place to start. They also allow you the freedom to go really big, or just keep it simple. The choice is yours.

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