Changing your hair color can be a liberating experience. It can feel like an entirely “new you” has been unleashed on the world.

Rocking the best hair color for you can renew your confidence, boost your motivation, and make you feel thoroughly refreshed. But changing your hair color isn’t as simple as copying your favorite celeb’s newly-dyed tresses.

Unfortunately, what suits one person may not suit the next – at all. This is because factors like your skin’s undertone and your eye color need to be taken into consideration.

Best Hair Color: Considering Skin Undertone

Now, skin undertone is not the same thing as skin tone. Your undertone is beneath the surface, and it doesn’t change, even if you have darker skin in the summer, for example. Your skin undertone may lean more toward the warmer or the cooler end of the color spectrum.

The three main categories of skin undertone are:

  • Cool: Your complexion has subtle hints of blue, pink, or red.
  • Warm: Your complexion has hints of yellow, peach, or gold.
  • Neutral: There are no obvious overtones of either cool or warm, and you may look good in almost anything.

So, if you were wondering what the best hair color for green eyes is, you would need to also consider your skin’s undertone. Perhaps you’re looking at going blonde…

But, would you be better off with a golden blonde, or a more ashen blonde with your green eyes?

Best Hair Color: Considering Eye Color

As it turns out, the tone of your eyes can really help you decide on the best tone for your hair, especially if you want your hair color to look like you were born with it!

Let’s break down the best hair color for your eye color while also considering your skin’s undertone.

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Best Hair Color | One Two CosmeticsBlue eyes are the “fairest of them all.” And, so they don’t get lost, you want to make them pop.

When it comes to the best hair color for light blue eyes and cooler undertones, choose cool blonde shades, like ash or platinum, or reds, like crimson or strawberry blonde. Both emphasize blue eyes. Deep, chocolatey browns look stunning on blue-eyed folks, and dark burgundy looks amazing on flawless, pale complexions.

If you have a warmer skin undertone, the best hair color for blue eyes tends to be blonde highlights in shades of caramel or cognac. Reds are flattering in shades of cinnamon or copper. Single shades of rich brown look gorgeous, especially against olive complexions.

Tip: Avoid strong golden blonde, as it tends to compete with, or even “mute” blue eyes. The same is true for bright oranges.

Best Hair Color for Green Eyes

Best Hair Color | One Two CosmeticsGreen eyes are the “rarest” of them all. Did you know that only 2 percent of the world’s population has green eyes? 1

If you’re a rarity, the best hair color for green eyes is generally a coppery red, butterscotch blonde, or a rich, chocolate brown. These shades will really make your eyes stand out.

When it comes to the best hair color for green eyes with cooler skin undertones, lean toward ashen pale blonde tones, chestnut browns, and dark burgundies. If you have a warmer undertone, consider a richer auburn, golden blonde, or rich golden browns.

We’ve all seen that draw-dropping combination of jet black hair and green eyes, but it doesn’t work on everyone. It can very easily wash you out if your skin is very fair. This combo look works best on those who have some color in their complexion, especially olive-skinned types.

Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes

Best Hair Color | One Two CosmeticsIf you have cooler undertones and brown eyes, you’ll look fab in ashier blonde, or red shades with hints of burgundy or maroon. Those with warmer skin undertones will find that golden browns, coppers, or earthy shades of blonde, like honey or strawberry blonde, are their secret weapon.

Now, the best hair color for brown eyes can quite often be blonde highlights, which look spectacular with your eye color. But don’t go for the full bleach job. Caramel highlights will really bring out those earthy eyes.

If you want to explore the best hair color for brown eyes through the brown color spectrum, just remember that very dark brown eyes with dark brown hair can look harsh on some people, as this combination lacks softness.

Best Hair Color for Hazel Eyes

Best Hair Color | One Two CosmeticsThe best hair color for hazel eyes can actually be divided into two categories – hazel-green eyes and hazel-brown eyes. Hazel eyes with a greener tint tend to look better with cooler shades of hair color, while those with a browner tint look best with warmer shades of hair color.

For the best hair color for hazel eyes, a good rule of thumb is to stick to medium, rich tones in any color. Though there are exceptions to the rule, you will look best in warm honey and hazelnut browns, rich auburn reds, and medium buttery blondes.

Sun-kissed golden streaks will also bring plenty of attention, as will copper, against warmer skin undertones.

Very light or dark tones tend to mess with those incredible golden pigments in your eyes. If your eyes are more of a hazel-green, be aware that flat browns can tone down those green flecks. But golden browns – or browns with golden highlights – will make your eyes sparkle.

Best Hair Color for All Eye Colors

So, whether you’re wondering about the best hair color for green eyes, or the best hair color for blue eyes (or brown, or hazel eyes), remember to consider both your skin’s undertone tone and the colors that best suit your eye color.

Your eyes are the first thing that people notice, so why not make that eye color pop?!

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