From Audrey Hepburn’s comely trademark updo in Funny Face to Uma Thurman’s edgy fringe in Pulp Fiction, bangs certainly play a part in creating an iconic hair look.1

Indeed, bangs could be an adventurous, fun way to add a little verve to your usual hairstyle and get yourself a new vibe. However, bangs need to be done right if you don’t want any regrets. It’s all about knowing the best bangs for face shape.

If you’re ready to give this timeless, versatile look a chance, read on.

Ready To Find The Right Bangs For Your Face Shape? First, Identify Your Face Type

No two sets of bangs are exactly the same. That’s because face shape, hair type, and even hair texture all help dictate the style of bangs that will look best on you.

The right bangs can:
  • Soften or accentuate your facial features
  • Draw attention to your eyes
  • Draw attention away from a wide forehead or a receding hairline
  • Balance your face out and make it appear more symmetrical, by reducing the appearance of width in your forehead or jaw
  • Help give you the illusion of a more youthful appearance
  • Conceal forehead breakouts or ungroomed eyebrows2

That’s a lot of pros. And they may make the commitment to maintaining bangs well worth it for you. Of course, you need to know how to work the canvas that is your face shape before you decide on the right kind of bangs to get.

How To Determine Your Face Shape To Get The Best Bangs

Note three key factors when figuring out the shape of your face.

  1. Forehead Width: If you have a wider forehead, you may have an oval face shape or a square-shaped face.
  2. Cheekbones: Wide, prominent cheekbones could mean you have a round or heart-shaped face type.
  3. Jawline: A sharp and strong jawline, when coupled with a shorter face, means you have a square face. A softer or undefined jaw indicates a round face. Pointy chin? Perhaps you have a heart- or diamond face shape.3

When in doubt (and with such a major hairstyling decision), it’s best to consult a stylist to help you identify what style of bangs will look best with your face shape. A great place to start is to ask their opinion about your forehead width and general shape of your face.

bangs for face shape | One Two CosmeticsStyles Of Bangs: Side-Swept Bangs, Straight Wispy Bangs, Textured Bangs And More

Now that you know how important your face shape is to bangs, it’s time to explore the possibilities and different types of bangs to best flatter you.

Side-Swept Bangs

That nice, clean sweep of full bangs parted off to one side looks great whether sleek and coiffed or textured and piecey. This popular style can look great on various face types, depending on how they’re styled.

Side-swept bangs also add a bit more volume and flair to a short haircut. These bangs can even be rocked by girls with straight hair.

Oval faces, diamond-shaped faces, and round faces all look great in variations of this bang style.

Straight Wispy Bangs

Wispy bangs get their name from the piecey wisps of hair that frame the face. You can opt for a thin curtain of bangs parted at the center, or layered bangs that have a bit more volume and less structure for a more laid back look.

Wispy bangs work great for girls with round face shapes because they won’t overwhelm your features.

Short Bangs

bangs for face shape | One Two CosmeticsA current trend, short bangs certainly make a statement. They are chopped much shorter, exposing much of the forehead, and are only about an inch or two long. They are also known by other names depending on how they’re styled:

  • Pixie bangs
  • Micro bangs
  • Baby bangs

These bangs work great with a pixie cut (think Carey Mulligan’s signature cropped ‘do) or even on curly hair or wavy hair. A little texturizing product can make short bangs really pop.

When done right, short bangs can flatter any face type.

Curtain Bangs

A more modern take on the classic Bardot bangs, this full sweep of fringe covers the entire expanse of the forehead, often falling just short of the eyebrows. These bangs are parted in the middle like a curtain (hence the name). They lend a more relaxed look to the usually structured Bardot style (also known as blunt bangs).

Feathered bangs are an offshoot of this curtain style of bangs. Thinner layers and varied lengths give the fringe a vintage, more rock-and-roll vibe. These textured bangs can make hair seem thicker and more wavy, too.

Curtain bangs can open up square- and diamond-shaped faces and help soften a sharp jawline. The extra bit of exposed forehead draws the eye away from the bluntness of the jaw or pointiness of the chin. They also look great on oval-shaped faces.

bangs for face shape | One Two Cosmetics

Curly Bangs

Yes, curly-haired girls can rock the bang trend, too. More and more curly celebs are showing off their natural curls (think Kerry Washington and Tessa Thompson) with added fringe. Just expect a fair amount of styling to keep curls in place.4

How To Maintain Your Bangs

Upkeep is an inevitability when it comes to having bangs. Here are some tips to help make sure there are no regrets.

Be smart about the products you use.

Dry shampoo is a given, since you’ll need to make sure your bangs stay grease-free and easy to style. Try to stay away from products that will weigh your bangs down and contribute to buildup on both your hair and skin — you don’t want any breakouts.

bangs for face shape | One Two CosmeticsBe realistic with your expectations.

Sometimes, certain bang styles need a bit of time to grow out to reach their full potential. Other styles might require quite a few trims or tweaks to look just right. Set expectations with your stylist, and don’t be afraid to give your bangs a bit of room to grow.

Cutting Bangs: Leave It To The Pros

Don’t reach for the scissors yourself. Seek out the help of a professional hairstylist. Sometimes all you need is a change in your part or a bit of texture with pomade or salt spray.5

There’s absolutely no reason why you wouldn’t rock a set of bangs — they’re trendy and tailor-fit to suit your face and personal style. Keep these tips in mind, and sport those bangs with confidence.

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